From The Pros

  • "I got the opportunity this year to race the Mine Over Matter Off road Tri in Milton.  It was a great festive atmosphere that was inviting to everyone and made for a fun, exciting and stress free race."

    Sean Bechtel
    Sean BechtelPro Athlete and coach
  • "Whether its off-road or on-road, its a so motivating for myself and our team at Personal Best to work with Canada’s many triathletes.  Nobody does a better job at supporting and looking out for the best interests of “off-road” triathletes than James Kowalewski and his Element Racing Team"

    Barry Shepley
    Barry Shepley Hall of Fame Triathlon Coach
  • "Off-Road triathlon made its return to Ontario in 2010 with Mine Over Matter at the Kelso Conservation Area.  James Kowalewski and Element Racing put on a terrific race and the trails at Kelso provided all the challenge and fun of the off-road racing experience.  Can’t wait for next year!!!"

    Christine Jefferies
    Christine JefferiesPro Athlete
  • "I race almost every kind of triathlon from draft legal ITU to non drafting road and off road triathlons. For years I have loved Milton and always wished there was an off road race. Finally Mine Over Matter race delivered so as soon as I saw that I entered in and said if there was one race I wanted to win this year it would be this one. The race was filled with good mountain biking and great trails. It is a great time for the most skilled racers and has a great beginner race. If you have been thinking about off road triathlons for awhile 2014 should be the year to do it and no better place then the Mine Over Matter off road triathlon in Milton."

    Karsten Madsen
    Karsten MadsenProfessional Triathlete

Get Out There Magazine Review of the 2014 XTERRA 'Mine' Over Matter: Canadian Cross Triathlon Championships

There will always be individuals who will be working very hard to earn podium spots and qualify for national and international events. There will also be those who are racing just to experience the event, to test and challenge themselves, and to set out a goal and see it to its completion. Our intention is to produce something to satisfy this broad spectrum of athletes- to make them all-inclusive. I invite you to be a part of it!
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