Thank-you, Results and Photos

 In Element Racing

First off, I want to thank all the volunteers and especially the Triathlon Club of Burlington for such amazing efforts on race weekend.  With out all of you, this event would not be possible.

Second I want to thank all the participants who came out, left it all out on the course and still managed to thank the volunteers either while riding, running past a water station or after on your way out.  The volunteers could not get over how many of you made those extra efforts to thank them and it made us all feel very much appreciated.

Third is to our incredible sponsorship crew.  Your support in these growing years are the other reason why participants have an event like Mine Over Matter to race in.

Results are now posted and can be viewed at: Chip Time Results OR by clicking here.

Photos are also up and can be viewed at My Sports Shooter OR by clicking here.

There will still be more announcements for races coming in 2012 so keep coming back.

Early registration will open on New Years Day 2012.

Thank-you for a great season!

James and the Element Racing Crew

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